Slasher Hanky Code Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a slasher? answer
  2. Where are the hankies? answer
  3. What do I do if I want boys to touch me differently from girls? ? answer
  4. How can I tell people what gender I am, as opposed to the gender I am interested in? answer
  5. Why isn't there an option for 'interested in transgendered partners'? answer
  6. Why is this code written just for women? Why don't you address men?answer
  7. I'm not a slasher, but this code is neat. May I use it anyway? answer
  8. Why did you develop this code? answer
  9. Is this code only for people who want to be slutty at cons? answer
  10. Does this code come in ascii? answer
  11. Do you have an automatic generator, like a geek code generator, or one of those mozilla quiz things? answer
  12. Do you have pre-made Livejournal/Journalfen/etc icons?answer
  1. A slasher is a fan, usually female, who views her source materials (e.g. tv shows, books, movies), through a homoerotic lens. In other words, she watches tv and imagines that the characters love each other in gay ways, even if that's not the intent of the show writers.back to questions
  2. There are no hankies. The term 'hanky code' is a reference to a practice by gay men in the seventies of wearing different colored-handkerchiefs on one or the other side of their body to indicate their kinks. This code also strives to be a simple visual symbol for indicating relationship preferences.back to questions
  3. If you have radically different touch preferences for gender, put two complete code symbols side by side. If you are currently only involved in lesbian relationship, make the symbol code for men as if you were single. Flip that if you're only involved with men.back to questions
  4. You can't. That would add a layer of complexity to the code for information that is readily discernible in most face-to-face encounters and usually discussed before hitting on someone online.back to questions
  5. I can't think of a good way to do it, and most of the trans people I have met identify with male or female. If you have a good idea how to integrate it into the standard code, e-mail me at about it. back to questions
  6. It isn't. Most slashers are female, so the supporting materials address a universal 'she', but the code itself doesn't specify the gender of the person wearing the symbol, just the gender of the people they're interested in.back to questions
  7. Yes, you may. Please refer to it as the slasher hanky code, and if people want more information, please refer them to to questions
  8. Two reasons. One, I want to have one night stands at slash conventions, and two, the assumption that slashers are straight women or bisexual women in relationships with men makes me want to hit people, primarily slashfen and academics. I've resolved to channel my anger in more productive ways. A more detailed answer is available on the history page.back to questions
  9. No. Cons are very woman-oriented and very touchy-feely. If you're a dyke who wants to get her freak on, this is frustrating because so many of the women there are not interested in having sex with women. But, it can also discomfit people who prefer a less permeable personal space boundary or women who want to hug, but don't want to give the impression that they're making passes at people. These people should also use the code to clarify just what kind of physical affection they're looking for.back to questions
  10. Yes, there is a slasher ascii code. It's a little awkward, but it's good for any place you can't draw a picture. back to questions
  11. Not at this time. back to questions
  12. Yes, I've got a photobucket gallery with more than 30 icons. Please let me know if you are taking one. They are all shareable except what's in the personalized gallery.back to questions

Release date April 13, 2004. Questions? Comments: